Who am I

Known solutions for modern problems require people to become more mindful, moral and wise. I am looking for solutions that would not demand the impossible from mankind.

Modern organizations and society as a whole faces several problems and their known solutions require majority of people involved to radically increase their level of consciousness within a short time to be more mindful, psychologically mature, moral and wise. But human nature and the way how society works drive us in opposite direction, and modern technologies accelerate this movement. I am looking for a solutions that would exploit human nature and society and use this energy to change the downward spiral to upward, and therefore solve modern problems not requiring impossible from us.
As a Scrum master at Alfa bank I am looking for ways to improve organization so that we could create together more value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. In doing do I use Agile an Lean worldview and principles. Before that I helped organizations in Russia and Europe adopt Agile approaches as an Agile coach at Luxoft, having 12 years experience in IT management and project management. I study philosophy, psychology, cognitive science so as Lean and Agile approaches, tools and techniques from Agile, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Complexity Theory.
I write and speak on organizational change, Agile approaches, tools and practices, focusing on making sense of them through philosophy and psychology. As a psychotherapist and a coach I help individuals to deal with their professional and personal problems. I also train Change Agents as Professional Scrum Trainier at scrum.org and ICAgile Accreedited Trainer.