Deliberate Practice for Scrum Masters and Agile coaches

Deliberate Practice – a term coined by Anders Eriksson to describe an approach to developing expert-level skills. Deliberate Practice is based on systematic procedural development of skills that is common to top performers in different areas. Several decades of research link this approach to high level achievements in different professions. Tony Rousmaniere and his colleagues adopted Deliberate Practice to develop  psychotherapist’s skills and made the exercises publicly available on (in episode 15 of Transformatornaya he described how they did that). I was inspired by their ideas and am experimenting with Deliberate Practice application to improve skills of Scrum Masters, Agile coaches and facilitators. Here are the exercises that I developed based on the work by Tony and his colleagues. Currently these exercises available only in Russian, but I hope that we would also create exercises for English-speaking folks.

Deliberate Practice exercises in Russian available here.